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Here is homepage that loaded the love poem and illustration of CROMA.
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Greeting to the colleagues of most love
We spent 1 year and made up this WebSite.
She wrote the picture and poem. And, I did the constitution and layout of the site.
A lot of colleagues took the trouble of backing us.
I was able to send from day by day that improved enjoyable, even though there was
painful time.
I am thanking for such her, very much. Here is the place of our recollection.
Forever, it does not fade away.
Diamant Blue
This conents is manufactured for the beginner of wine. And we are wishing you
I want you to take to wine. We think it important to drink and to think that it is
delicious rather than the lecture of difficult wine.

Special thanks to

The members of "YUMEcompanion"
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